About Us

Livewire is the easiest way to connect to a live financial professional

Why Livewire

According to the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA), there are over 100 different professional designations for tax and financial service providers.  We believe that it’s not just about more credentials, but about providing actionable information that helps clients make qualified decisions when choosing a financial professional.

Our Mission

To connect the dots in financial services, by reimagining the way financial professionals work with their colleagues and clients.  Whether you’re a tax or financial advisor, Livewire allows you to seamlessly operate in the digital world, so that you can focus on what you do best: improving the financial health of Americans.

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Our Vision

At Livewire, we believe that financial matters are personal matters. And yet, most people aren't able to find qualified experts to help them manage their personal finances. We believe that you can't see eye-to-eye unless you can meet face-to-face. And yet, despite the fact that we regularly use technology to connect instantly with friends, family and loved ones from anywhere, when we want to talk with a financial expert, we don't have the same options... until now. 

Livewire's marketplace was designed to make it incredibly easy to find and connect with tax, accounting and investment professional. For clients, answer a few questions about the type of help you need, and Livewire combs our national network of financial experts to find one that fits you. For financial professionals, Livewire's platform gives you powerful tools to serve clients in the modern world - utilizing technology to simplify how you work and eliminate time wasted on administrative tasks.

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Arman Bajwa, CEO
Arman first found his entrepreneurial spirit in college at Georgetown University, where he started a businesses as an independent tax professional. Before founding Livewire, Arman was pursuing a Masters of Bioinformatics degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he was awarded a full-tuition scholarship as a Congressional Scholar.

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