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Behind every great business are great tools

Livewire Dashboard was built on the belief that great tools should be incredibly easy to use

Keeping up with all of the changes in technology and online services is hard, but you need to work at the speed of the big boys or your business won't survive. With Livewire Dashboard, instantly see what needs your attention with powerful yet simple tools for managing clients, appointments, documents, and signatures:


Document Assistant

Did you know that the average accountant requests over 100 documents per month? And they typically receive them all in thousands of email. Well, never again with Document Assistant. Request specific documents by name and instantly see how many are still outstanding. Everyone knows what's what, and there's no searching your inbox for outdated email attachments.

How does Document Assistant help your practice?

  • Stop chasing down client documents. Send specific document requests and receive automatic notice when they've been uploaded by your clients
  • Upload documents directly from photos snapped by smart phones and tablets
  • Request, share and access documents stored securely in the cloud from any device

Simplified document management means less confusion and delighted clients. Learn more:

Digital Signature

Did you know that the average signature request takes almost 60 hours to complete? That's 2.5 days without closing the deal. Add Livewire Digital Signature to your business processes and accelerate revenue, dazzle clients and save money by going completely paperless. And rest assured, Digital Signature is 100% legal.

How does Digital Signature help your practice?

  1. Stop chasing down client signatures. Send digital signature request with automatic notifications
  2. Allow clients to sign electronically from any device by using their mouse, touchscreen, keyboard or uploading a image
  3. Customize any type of document to collect client signatures, check boxes, text or the date

State-of-the-art paperless signature means happy clients and faster payment. Learn more:

Appointment Assistant

Did you know that 30% of all new appointment requests are abandoned because of miscommunication? Livewire's award-winning Appointment Assistant eliminates the typical email tag required to get an appointment on the books. And best of all, you never have to waste time pre-selecting and updating your availability every week.

How does Appointment Assistant help your practice?

  • Stop wasting time playing email tag to find a time to meet with clients
  • Never have to pre-select or update your availability again
  • Supplement your Google, Yahoo, iCal or Outlook calendars, don't replace them

Easier appointment scheduling means saved time and engaged clients. Learn more:

Client Manager

Did you know the average tax practice processes over 200 returns every year and tracks those clients using paper folders and notes. Stay on top of your practice with a client manager that gives your real control. Eliminate miscommunication and idle time by sorting your client list by status. Instantly take action with status updates that automatically send clients notifications and requests.

How does Client Manager help your practice?

  1. Set each client's latest status so you're both clear on what needs to be done next
  2. Sort your full client list by status so you instantly get a snap shot of how your practice is doing
  3. Enable automated text message alerts so you know exactly when your clients take action

Getting organized means processing more clients and peace of mind. Learn more:

Tailored to the needs of modern financial professionals

Every client is looking for a financial professional who knows the value of time and money, so why mess with generic tools and piece-meal software that can make you look unprofessional? Impress clients with a professional online profile, appointment scheduling, document management and paperless signature from a single, beautifully crafted service. Perfect for:

tax professionals

Enrolled Agents &
Tax Professionals

Livewire was built by a independent tax professional who dreamed of affordable tools to help minimize the pains of running a seasonal small business -- like having to host a client meeting in a home office or coffee shop.

accounting professional

Accountants &

Don't you wish you had an assistant to handle all the tedious administrative tasks associated with running an efficient accounting or bookkeeping practice -- like chasing down client documents and signatures?

financial professionals

Financial Planners &
Investment Advisors

Impeccable client service is central to the success of every financial advisor, but how do you find the time when you need to be out there selling? Let us take the headache out of managing all your client communications.

Compare Livewire

As a busy financial professional, your time is valuable, so why spend hours searching for piecemeal business solutions that aren't tailored to your needs? With Livewire Dashboard, you get all the tools you need, without any of the expensive extras you don't. Compare us to some of the leading business apps in the market, and you'll quickly see that it's not much of a comparison:


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Before I found Livewire, I was using a lot of piecemeal solutions: I scheduled appoints on my Outlook calendar and stored all my client documents on my laptop. I wanted to move everything to the cloud so I wouldn't loose everything with that computer. Also I was looking for better scheduling and eSignature apps, but wasn't really looking forward to setting up numerous accounts on a bunch of different platforms. Then a colleague invited me to join Livewire, and it had everything I needed in one place. At that point, it was really a no-brainer.