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Why we created Livewire

By Aasim Saeed
(Co-founder and COO)

I know how difficult it can be to find a financial professional you can trust. As a former McKinsey consultant, I was used to spending 4 nights a week in a hotel, never home and never able to take a few hours off work to meet with a financial advisor. But it was worth it, because I was proud to be hired by fortune 500 companies to help get their finances in order. Ironically, the times I was most frustrated and confused was when I was dealing with my own personal finances.

However, as a professional road warrior in the 21st century, I had tons of great tools to help me keep in contact with friends and family: things like text messaging, email or -- if I wanted a more intimate conversation -- video conferencing like Google Hangout or Apple's FaceTime. But for some reason, those simple tools didn't exist for financial professionals. It was like the industry that time forgot.

That's why we built Livewire: a place where clients can easily find, review and connect with qualified professionals.

In an age of do-it-yourself software, we wanted to bring the personal connection and trust back into the relationship we build with financial advisors. To us, that meant building something that not only helped clients and financial professionals find one another, but also helped them to connect. So after we created the Livewire Concierge marketplace with thousands of professional profiles, we kept going. We created tools and technology to help people connect. After all, that's what it's really about.


Making personal finance personal again

Managing your personal finances can  be complicated enough. Finding a qualified expert to work with shouldn't be. That's why Livewire is on a mission to use technology to make it incredibly easy to connect with live financial professionals who can help you navigate those complexities and ensure a secure future for you and your family.

Learn more about what Livewire has to offer for clients looking for financial advice:


Livewire Concierge

For those of us that didn't inherit an accountant from our dad or rub elbows with one at a country club, Livewire has created the simplest way to find and review qualified financial professionals.

How does Livewire Concierge work?

  • Answer a few quick questions about the type of financial help you're looking for. Don't worry, there's no essays here, just simple clicks that take less than 30 seconds.
  • Get recommendations for qualified financial professionals who can serve you, each with a detailed online profile you can review at your leisure.
  • You pick the professional you'd like to speak to and how you'd like to connect: on-demand or on-your-schedule.

Livewire concierge helps you find the right expert to help you manage your finances... without the country club fees.. Learn more:

Livewire Q&A

Have an important financial question? Don't know anyone qualified to answer it or who won't do it for free? Well, we do. In fact, we know thousands of professionals who would like nothing more than to answer your questions.

How does Livewire Q&A work?

  • Ask anything to our network of over 2,000 financial professionals.
  • Receive multiple answers and see which answers get the most up votes by their peers.
  • Click to review and/or connect with the financial professional who's answer you liked best.

Livewire Q&A offers you 100% free access to over 2,000 qualified financial professionals, all competing to answer your question(s). Sign up for our Newsletter below to receive notification when Livewire Q&A goes public.

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Livewire Finance Guides

What are the trade-offs for managing my own investment portfolio? What's the most tax-effective way to structure my small business? How does a trust work and when would I need to make one? If you've ever searched online for answers to questions like this, you've probably been frustrated by the quality, depth or scope of what you found.

How do Livewire Financial Guides work?

  • We've surveyed hundreds of financial professionals and their clients to find out what are the most common financial situations that clients are asking about.
  • Each week, we ask a handful of qualified financial professionals to write specialized guides, exclusively for Livewire Clients on those topics
  • The guides are then posted for you to access and review any time, along with a link to the author who's available to help you with any personalized support you might need.

Livewire Financial Guides offer you 100% free access to the financial know-how of over 2,000 professionals. Sign up for our Newsletter below to receive notification when Livewire Financial Guides go public.


Coming soon...

Livewire was designed to give clients the tools they need to take charge of their personal finances. And we're not done yet. We're working on additional services like the ones described above.

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Designed to help you with all your financial needs

No matter what your situation or the type of help you're looking for, Livewire has you covered, including:

tax professionals

Tax Preparation &
Audit Support

For most families, the tax refund check is the single largest check they receive all year, and we're here to help make sure you're able to get the maximum refund for the lowest price possible.

accounting professional

Accounting &

Our experts are here to take care of the books, so you can focus on making your business a success. Services include quarterly tax payments, payroll management or weekly bookkeeping,

financial professionals

Financial Planning &
Investment Advice

We know how important it is to secure the financial future for you and your family, and so do our financial professionals. Whether you're looking for broad financial planning or focus investment advise, Livewire's got you covered.

Compare Livewire

As a busy professional, your time is valuable, so why spend hours searching for a financial professional when our experts are here ready to serve you: whenever, wherever and however you'd like. See how Livewire compares to the traditional way of finding and connecting with a qualified financial profession, and you'll quickly see that it's not much of a comparison:


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"I always use an accountant, but finding time for an appointment is a pain @LetsLivewire let me talk to an account from home, in my PJs"

"Always used software before, but needed help bc I moved this year. Found Eric who doubled the refund I was getting myself. Thx @LetsLivewire"

"Just opened a retirement account. Learned that most CFPs require a larger investment than I had, but I found a great one with @LetsLivewire"

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